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Graphic - Having or giving a clear & effective picture; vivid + Art - Any field using the skills or techniques of art = A clear picture, often vivid in presentation, using all matters of artful techniques to satisfy the needs of the customer.


Graphic Work & Websites
Designed by Wikstrom Graphics

Matthew Wikstrom, from Wikstrom Graphics, does the custom graphics for the Wikstrom Regional Directory, which has over 30,000 copies in print each year. He does the banner ads that appear on all of the wiktel.com pages, Business Pages, and sub-pages. A list of those banners can be found HERE (fyi: it takes a bit for the banners do download).

Matt does the wiktel.com and subsidiary pictures for the community home page for Northwestern Minnesota and Northeastern North Dakota, and many of the city pages found at wiktel.com/community. Some are official pages fore the Cities, like Newfolden, and Strandquist and are comprehensive. Others are simpler, complementary pages. A few of them are older, need to be updated, and do not reflect improvements in style or technique. A couple of cities have taken over sites with original designs by Wikstrom Graphics and modified them somewhat.

Websites Hosted by Wiktel
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