[ Graf • ik Ahrt ]
Graphic - Having or giving a clear & effective picture; vivid + Art - Any field using the skills or techniques of art = A clear picture, often vivid in presentation, using all matters of artful techniques to satisfy the needs of the customer.


Print Graphics

In addition to graphics for the internet, Wikstrom Graphics also does work for printing. We create telephone directories for telephone companies. And we also do magazine & book covers, brochures, booklets, menus, posters, advertising copy, logos & Symbols, and so forth.

We can also do presentations to be given from a personal computer.

Our prices are reasonable, and our work is exceptional.

Give us a call at 1-218-436-2121, the local number for Wiktel in your area, or 1-800-436-1915; ask for Wikstrom Graphics.

Examples Coming Soon