[ Graf • ik Ahrt ]
Graphic - Having or giving a clear & effective picture; vivid + Art - Any field using the skills or techniques of art = A clear picture, often vivid in presentation, using all matters of artful techniques to satisfy the needs of the customer.



After meeting with you to discuss your site, we can design a page or site that is customized to your personal specifications. The most important step is the planning of your web site. You must decide what you need to communicate to your target audience. You will want to decide if there are any photographs or graphics you might use to communicate your goals. You may furnish us with your own graphic material or we can work with you to produce them for you.


Some web sites require daily attention, others require very little. We can assist you in the process of maintaining your web site, or you may choose to handle your own changes and upkeep.


We can make all arrangements to get your site on the web, hosting it on equipment that is directly connected to the broad band internet on fiber optic cables, with redundancy, standby power, and on call maintenance. Your site can be accessed easily from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.


One of the final steps in web site production is promotion. We can assist you in getting the word out that your site is online. We can help you in contacting search engines so that your clients, or audience, will know where you are. We can register your site with search engines or instruct you how to do it yourself. Our published and on-line directories will also give your site exposure in our region and throughout the world.


We can help you set up your own e-commerce site. In this case you would pay us $35 per hour for getting the site up and running, and for any web site development work. You would pay for any software required to purchase for having your own e-commerce site with order processing and so forth, and for hosting the site. You can do as much of the work that you want on your own site, and pay us our hourly rate when you want assistance. (We also have network management and database technicians available at our technicians rate of $67.50 per hour if you want help in this area.)